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Mac Spinning Wheel: Beware The Spinning Rainbow Beach Ball of Death!

Does you Mac constantly freeze for a couple seconds? Is it always SLOW? Have you been seeing the spinning beach ball, spinning pizza or rainbow circle of death more frequently?

Officially referred to as the "spinning wait cursor" in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, the spinning rainbow wheel on Mac is surely an indicator that an application just isn't responding to system events inside the proper manner. It is often referred to as "spinning pinwheel of death", "spinning rainbow circle of death" etc..

spinning wheel mac

This challenge is a nightmare for Mac users as his or her computers are functioning because of this at snails pace. So, will there be help for us if we are experiencing this rainbow wheel problem constantly? What is the way to stop this and SPEED-UP our Macs...?

Spinning Rainbow Wheel on Mac: Causes

Typically, once this cursor is seen, the computer will not enable you to do anything for a few seconds, then resume. The thing is for many Mac users, it occurs constantly.

Usually, this situation shows that some task is blocking your OS X system to activate with a program. This indicates a concern with your hard drive. Only one application could be affected, but it usually switches into an infinite loop that ties the processor so that one is struggling to click off onto another application.

In rare cases, the complete system freezes and then the only option left on hand is typically to hold the power down before computer is forced to shut down.

The spinning rainbow wheel indicates a software that is not responding. It could be a temporary failure from where the application will recover. However, this example is not a normal occurrence in Mac OS X, and may be dealt with quickly since they may point to other underlying problems. Some tips about what to do to get rid of and stop this Spinning rainbow beach ball permanently.

Stop The Spinning Rainball Ball, Permanently!

Speed-up your Mac

Spinning Rainball Beach BallThe fantastic way to fix the problem is to optimize your hard disk drive by getting rid of unnecessary files.

To achieve this, download a Disk Utility for your Mac such as MacKeeper (Download Now).

How can MacKeeper Work?

This program will optimize your hard-drive and identify any troubles before it is too late and before your hard-drive crashes or worse becomes corrupt to cause you to permanently lose data.

Owning a Disk Utility will ensure how the file structure on the Mac drive is organized and functioning correctly. It makes sure that when the computer tries to locate or reference files, it had no problems in doing so and hence this brings about your Mac working at optimum speed.

In the event you Mac is running slower if you are being seeing the beach ball a growing number of and if your hard drive is completing and you don't know why - try MacKeeper (Download Now) and optimize your hard disk drive.

The new MacKeeper now includes extra features such as Anti-virus and spyware protection, a clean-up utility, duplicate files finder, plus more which allows you to monitor the entire health of your drive, alerting one to possible issues before they become major problems.

Mac Spinning Wheel - Solutions & For the worst situation Scenarios

spinning beach ball macIf you Mac is permanently frozen and you're seeing the spinning rainbow beach ball, make an effort to force quit the application by punching the key combination command-option-escape. Failing this, the sole choice left is to carry out a force shut down and reboot.

Sadly, over these circumstances, the most common solution to the situation of the spinning pinwheel of death is always to reboot because the entire machine will lock up when one application enters an infinite loop from where it cannot recover.

Many people compare the look off the Spinning Rainbow Wheel on Mac for the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on Windows based computers. This analogy is in fact very accurate. In both cases, your computer system has encountered a challenge related to an issue with the hard disk drive.


===> In most situations, employing a good Disk Utility for your Mac such as MacKeeper will fix preventing the problem, and you will increase the speed of one's Mac. This solves the situation in 95% of cases.

However, you will be having a lack of RAM problem and you also need to upgrade your Mac memory. It's also possible to want to uninstall a few programs off your Mac to save lots of space.

Finally, you might be experiencing a hardware issue. In cases like this, you should reform an Apple Hardware Test (AHT) that contains a suite of diagnostics that may test the hardware of one's computer. In any case, it is a easy way to rule out a hardware issue when troubleshooting your personal computer.

Nobody wants to see the spinning rainbow on Mac. Frequent and persistent rainbow cursors usually are not a normal occurrence in Mac OS X, and may be dealt with quickly since they may point to other underlying problems.

mac spinning wheel

It is a situation that all computer users, whatever platform they are operating under find frustrating. Sadly, additionally it is a situation that occurs all too often. Needing to constantly use a slow computer will seriously affect buyer experience as well as to shut the computer down and reboot within the middle of a task is perhaps all more than enough reason to be cautious with the spinning rainbow wheel of death.


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